Wake Forest Historical Museum

All visitors must wear a mask while inside the museum and Calvin Jones House. We appreciate your cooperation!

Grounds Use Policy

Wake Forest Historical Museum Grounds Use Q & A

A full and detailed “Grounds Use Policy” will be provided upon any request to reserve the space.  A signature ensuring compliance with all policies is required as part of the reservation process.  If you have questions concerning use or reservations please contact the Executive Director of the Museum at (919) 556-2911 Tuesday – Friday during regular business hours.

What access is included in the reservation?

The outdoor space and restrooms in the wing of the museum directly behind the historic house are made available during the reserved time.  The interior of the museum or house are not included and are not available for use in case of inclement weather.

Who may reserve the space?

Wake Forest College Birthplace Society Members at the “Family” ($50) level or above, or private non-profit organizations.

What fees are associated?

In addition to membership there is a $500 all-inclusive charge for use of the grounds for an event.

Fee Schedule:      Membership and $100 deposit due at the time of reservation

Balance due at least one week prior to the event

Are permits required?

Perhaps.  For example, the Town of Wake Forest requires a permit for amplified sound and has noise ordinances that must be complied with by the user.  All permits required by the Town of Wake Forest are the sole responsibility of the group or individual (the user) requesting to use the property, as are any fees, violations and fines associated. 

How much advanced notice is required to reserve the grounds?

Request to use the grounds must be made at least 60 days in advance and must be approved by the Building and Grounds Use Committee at least 30 days in advance of the planned event.

Are tents, chairs or other items allowed, or available from the museum?

The museum does not provide any additional equipment or décor, and such items are the responsibility of the user.  If a tent is used, its placement requires prior approval to avoid damage to underground utilities etc.   A tent must not be placed in front of the historic house at any time.

Are there restrictions to use of the grounds? 

Yes.  Please see examples below.  Additional limits and requirements are detailed in the full “Grounds Use Policy”.

  • All events must conclude by 10PM
  • Alcoholic beverages other than wine or beer are not allowed at any event held on the Museum grounds.
  • Nails, hooks, screws, tape or adhesives or other devices may NOT be affixed to structures to secure decorations to any surface.
  • Benches, planters, markers or other landscape features may NOT be moved.
  • The use of seeds (birdseed or otherwise) or rice is NOT allowed at weddings or other events.
  • A tent must not be placed in front of the historic house at any time, and the placement of any such structures must receive approval in advance.