Lynam's Store in the North End

Memories of Old General Stores: Program on Sunday, October 8th at 3pm


If you’re a newcomer interested in history, an old-timer willing to share stories, or anyone in between, the Wake Forest Historical Association invites you to attend its upcoming program on the original country stores that once operated in and around Wake Forest.

Months of research has gone into collecting memories and photographs relating to the history of more than 20 stores. Most of these were on the outskirts of town or in the surrounding rural areas. The in-depth discussion will include photographs and recollections from those who grew up here and can share their memories. A number of the stores are still around… find out which ones!

And for those interested in the Harricanes and its history, at least eight of the stores to be discussed were located in the Harricanes area.

A committee of the Wake Forest Historical Association, led by Karen Winstead, Ryan Keith, Alice Ray, and Sanford Bailey, has worked hard to collect these fascinating stories and photographs, and what they’ve put together should make for an exceptional program.

Stores and owners to be discussed include: Owen Ray, Novid Perry, Atlas Ray, Hazel Hockaday, Woodlief-Oneal, Bland Ray, Leroy Ray, Jarvis Phillip, Mason-Wall, North End, Massenburg’s Store, Frazier’s Store, Forestville stores, Marshall’s Gas, Hilltop Service Station, Martin Jones (Hwy 98), Keith’s Store.

The Country Stores program is at 3pm on Sunday, October 8th at the Wake Forest Historical Museum. It’s free and open to the public. Refreshments reminiscent of country store fare will be served (think MoonPies, penny candy, peanuts, glass bottle Pepsi and Coke, and Nabs).

We hope to see you there!

In the background is the Massenburg Store in Wake Forest.


  1. Dose. Any body remember the Allen’s. Hayward, Elizabeth, clearance,Carlton,& Larry. Larry married my sister Joann. Lots of people new JoAnn. Gone now but not forgotten.

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