A History of Shorty’s Famous Hotdogs in Ads

Flip through this history of Shorty’s from 1919 through 1950 by clicking on each photo in the gallery. These advertisements ran in the Wake Forest College newspaper, some more than once, and all give a glimpse into the restaurant’s evolution and popularity during those exciting college years.


  1. As long as I can remember there has always been a Shorty’s. Back in the 50’s the women or girls did not go in or if they did they did not sit down. The taste has never changed as most things do. Don’t mess with perfection. Thank you all for still being here after 100 yrs. and looking forward to more years.

  2. Best hotdogs ever! Started as a sophomore at Wake Forest High School in 1966. “Women or girls” still did not go into Shorty’s but they loved the hotdogs!

  3. Hung around that joint all my life Will never forget Shorty,s Shorty Buster Wiorth. Mighty good people to me . They took care of me all the time . And don’t forget Mr Ed there farther . A very good Man . Gave me money many times to play pool . May these good friends R.I.P. Thanks for the good times

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