A Rare Glimpse of the 1950 Campus in Technicolor!

One of the museum’s more exciting recent finds within the collection has been a group of color slides depicting campus life in 1950. The images, donated by Cedric Davis (WFU ’51), focus on friends, football, and the fraternity brothers of Kappa Alpha.

But the photographs don’t come with a complete sets of notes to help historians with names, dates, and locations.

In our search for specific information, the museum has already received assistance from Mr. Davis and his fellow alum Charles Barham (WFU ’52, JD ’54), who have identified the students in the following featured image as Kappa Alpha brothers.

Sitting: Charles (Red) Barham, Norwood (Red) Pope, Sam Torrence (back to camera)and J. L.Peeler (facing camera)

Standing: Louis Daniel, Paul (Tinker) Williams and Jack Lewis

Rock Wall 2

The full array of color slides, reproduced below with the original notations when available, are a fantastic throwback to student life on the 1950 campus.

(If you have more information about these images, please email museum assistant director Jennifer Smart at smartjl@wfu.edu.)


Campus View 1

Campus View 2

Original Note: Coeds passing Hunter Dorm Campus View 3

Original Note: J.L. Peeler, Charlie Williams, Bill Moffitt
Campus View 4

Original Note: Charlie Williams and J.L. Peeler (from Lexington, NC)
Campus View 5

Original Note: Charlie Williams and J.L. Peeter (with law books)
Campus View 6

Original Note: Kappa Alphas
Car 1

Car 2

Original Note: Bill Moffitt and Norm Muller, fall 1949-50
Dorm Room

Original Note: Kappa Alphas 1950-51
Fraternity House

Original Note: Halftime at the WFC – NC State Football Game at Groves Stadium
Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

(No Note but clearly the Magnolia Festival)
Magnolia Festival

Rock Wall 1


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