Calvin Jones House Christmas Ornament

Priced at $20.00 (including tax) at the Wake Forest Historical Museum.

For shipping, please send $22.00 cash or check with mailing address to:

Wake Forest Historical Museum
PO Box 494
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Ornament photo for website


The 2013 Calvin Jones House Christmas ornament depicts the two-story Greek-Revival home that is considered the most historic structure in the Town of Wake Forest.

Purchased by Dr. Calvin Jones in 1820 along with 600 acres of land, this is the town’s oldest home and was used as a residence, post office, and clinic for treating patients. Jones sold the farm to the North Carolina Baptist Convention in 1832 and, two years later, Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute–later known as Wake Forest College and now Wake Forest University–opened to educate young men for the ministry.

The home’s extraordinary role in the history of town and college inspired this design. Produced by the Charleston Mint, the ornament features a three-dimensional replica of the Calvin Jones House beautifully crafted in brass. Each ornament is packaged in a gold-foil gift box with soft black interior, and includes an insert with a brief history of the home.

Today the Calvin Jones House is part of a four acre complex that includes gardens, pathways, and a state of the art museum. The house is furnished to reflect the period of its various residents, and the museum’s extensive displays depict the many stories that make our community memorable and unique.

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