Wake Forest Historical Museum

LOCATION: 414 N. Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587 CONTACT: 919-556-2911

Mail, phone & email

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Wake Forest Historical Museum
Executive Director, Ed Morris
P.O. Box 494
Wake Forest, NC 27588

Phone: (919) 556-2911


The Wake Forest Historical Museum includes a diverse array of exhibits illustrating how life was lived in the town and its college.

Visitors interested in the history of Wake Forest College will find displays dedicated to the Medical School, Law School, and legendary sports programs and athletes.

Never before seen documents, artifacts and memorabilia collections will tell the story of the town of Wake Forest, the Mill Village, Forestville, the Harricane and other surrounding areas.

New items from families, churches, schools, and service organizations continue to arrive.

9 comments on “Mail, phone & email

  1. Dave Gummere
    February 6, 2016

    Do any student rosters exist from the 1943-Army Finance School days? Is there any other Army Finance School information during the period other than that displayed in the exhibit? Thanks

    • wakeforestmuseum
      February 6, 2016

      Hi Dave,

      We do have some records of the students who attended the Army Finance School. We have a Finance School yearbook from the period you mention, with class photos and identifications. Can we help you research a particular person? We also have a scrapbook created by one of the Army accountants who trained on campus, which has been donated to the museum.

      • Dave Gummere
        February 6, 2016

        That is great news. I am looking for anything on a John E. Bennink, who I believe attended in early 1943.

        • wakeforestmuseum
          February 6, 2016

          I will look when I return to the office next week. I can scan pages and send as jpeg or PDF. Hope we find something!

          • Dave Gummere
            February 6, 2016

            That is fantastic. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he is included in some of your material. His records were lost in the 1973 military records fire, and he is no longer alive. Your museum may be the saving grace.

          • Dave Gummere
            February 8, 2016

            That would be wonderful. Thanks

        • wakeforestmuseum
          February 9, 2016

          Hi Dave. I’ve been checking our records and so far have hit a dead-end. We do have a Finance School yearbook, called “Pass in Review,” but it only has class photos without any names. The various groups include a permanent detachment followed by classes 42 through 55. If you know which of these might have included Mr. Bennink, we can do a scan or two.

          Also, our executive director says there is a way to access copies of military records destroyed in the fire. Upon leaving the army at the end of the war, veterans were required to file discharge papers with the register of deeds in their county of residence. These should still be available and would have the info you’re looking for.

          Hope this helps and best of luck!

          • Dave Gummere
            February 9, 2016

            Thank you for taking the time to do this. I do not have a class number, and I have a copy of the papers you mentioned from his discharge, but they have no details of his school. Still, thank you again. Dave

          • Dave Gummere
            February 9, 2016

            One final question. Can you tell me what class numbers (42? etc.) were listed at the school beginning in Jan 43 to possibly Mar or Apr 43? Thanks

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Tues-Fri: 9am-noon & 1:30-4:30pm
Sun: 2pm-5pm

Closed: Saturday and Monday

Call us at 919.556.2911

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A lovely bouquet left by the Wake Forest Garden Club. WFHS tassel. We’re going through the collection and it’s fun! Downtown Zebulon, NC at night. Simply stunning. Want to know what today’s weather was like exactly 90-years ago? This 1928 Farm Journal was kept at Oakforest in Forestville and that day was “Fair and cold. Henry, Richard and I went to Raleigh today. Philo and Junior sawed and hauled firewood and then hauled logs to the same mill.” Many thanks to Barbara Massenburg for giving us a look at this very cool artifact!