The Country Life

Traveling back in time just got much easier. An antique buggy, located on Town of Wake Forest property and recently donated to the museum, gives visitors a chance to see how people traveled the rural roads of northern Wake County in the early part of the twentieth century. The buggy looks like a one horse, one passenger rig. It’s in surprisingly good shape and will bring smiles of wonder to little faces more accustomed to riding in tightly strapped carseats than in the open air.

The next photograph shows a set of large mason jars that came from the old Jones Hardware Store on South White Street. The jar held seeds, and have spouts in the lids for easy pouring. Back in the day, when most townfolk planted their own vegetables, going downtown to purchase seeds was a rite of spring.

Finally, the reconstructed moonshine still gives a little taste of life in the Harricane. The area west of town was famous for its illegal liquor operations. Many developers and new homeowners in the Purnell Road area have stumbled upon the rusty remains on their own wooded lots. This particular still, acquired and assembled by Executive Director Ed Morris, is for display purposes only. It’s already part of a fascinating exhibit about life in the Harricane.

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