Building the Exhibits

As of October 1, 2010, what was once a cavernous black space is now taking shape… turning into the small, three-walled rooms (known as “vignettes” in museum lingo) where museum visitors will see the artifacts, photographs and documents that make the very best exhibits educational and engaging in a way that mimics real life.

Museum designer Ron Holland came all the way from Asheville to start construction on this area, beginning with the Calvin Jones entrance, the Judicial Room, the Law Room and the Medical Room. All are coming along nicely and should create a big “wow” factor for the official grand opening on November 14th.

Exhibit designer Ches Crow did the research leading up to this moment… with drawings and designs illustrating the Wake Forest experience.

And former state archivist Cathy Morris dug up some fascinating information dating back to the 1920s… old yearbook quotes that might find their way onto the wall of one of these vignettes!

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