Wake Forest Historical Museum Free Admission

LOCATION: 414 N. Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587 REG HOURS: (TUES-FRI) 9am to noon and 1:30 to 4:30pm SUNDAY HOURS: 2-5pm (Dependent on Volunteers) CONTACT: 919-556-2911

A 1920’s Love Story

Clyde Dawkins played football at Wake Forest College in the 1920s. And he had a first love… a girl named Gladys.

Of course, that was more than 80-years ago. And it was back in those golden days on the old campus when Clyde gave Gladys a black and gold Wake Forest scarf. Maybe it was so she’d always remember him. And she always did.

Although Gladys eventually married another man, she kept the scarf the rest of her life. And she always spoke well of Clyde Dawkins.

When Gladys passed away, her son found the scarf among her belongings… along with Clyde’s photograph. He kindly donated the items to the Wake Forest Historical Museum, which is honored to help preserve them.

As they say, old loves never die, they just move to a quieter place in the heart.

That’s the story of Clyde and Gladys.

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