Wake Forest Historical Museum

LOCATION: 414 N. Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587 CONTACT: 919-556-2911

Video Shorts

The best stories about our town’s history come from the people who’ve lived here. Preserving those memories is part of the museum’s mission, and we are working to create a digital record filled with their voices. Our video library already includes a wide variety of interviews, speeches and events, and we are always looking for new material.

In the first video, you’ll find Ms. Joyce Davis kindly participating in an oral history interview with a third-grade student from Mrs. Hanson’s class at Heritage Elementary School.

The second film follows a group of women from Glen Royal Baptist Church sharing artifacts and memories that harken back to their childhoods in the Mill Village. Look for stories from Sharon Harding Woodlief, Judy Lynam Wish, Donna Lynam, Joyce Davis and Charlotte Cooke.

The last piece mixes location video and an interview with Dr. Enoch Holloway, in which he describes the founding of Friendship Chapel Baptist Church in a location that is now an African-American cemetery. This touches on issues of race and religion dating back to the days of slavery.

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Tues-Fri: 9am-noon & 1:30-4:30pm
Sun: 2pm-5pm

Closed: Saturday and Monday

Call us at 919.556.2911

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Atlas Ray, owner of a legendary store in the Harricanes, was among those remembered at the WFHA program on country stores. Just received several reels of 16mm film. Looks like 1950s home movies of the Demon Deacs in the Billy Barnes days!!! From the April 1961 Wake Forest phone book... instructions on how to use a dial telephone, how to dial a number, how to interpret ringing and busy signals, and what to do on a party line. Anyone else remember those days? This amazing photo from Sanford Bailey shows just HALF of the folks at the 1954 Powell Family Reunion!!!