Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Wilson!

Dr. Ed Wilson

Wake Forest College Birthplace Society Resolution of January 29, 2013

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson ’43, a native of Leaksville, North Carolina, fell in love with Wake Forest the first time he glimpsed the old campus, leading to his enrollment in 1939 where his exceptional talents in journalism, classical literature, and leadership were developed under the endearing tutelage of Wake Forest College professors.

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson, after service in World War II returned to Wake Forest College as an instructor, launching a career that has enriched the minds and lives of multitudes of Wake Forest students and alumni for more than six decades.

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson, Wake Forest’s most eligible bachelor for more than a decade unwittingly motivated coeds to fill his popular “Poets of English Romantic Period” classes; thereby, being selected in 1966 as one of Esquire magazine’s “super-profs” of America.

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson, Mr. Wake Forest, is revered in the hearts and minds of Wake Foresters as one of the College’s greatest scholars and leaders.

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson, with eloquent words, leads his audience into the “country of my heart” as he reminds everyone that, “You will have to take my word for it, our days on the old Wake Forest campus were truly green!”

Whereas, Edwin Graves Wilson, more than any other individual, captures the essence of Wake Forest, both College and University, and with vigor and devotion pays homage and loving respect to the institution’s 122 year history in the Town of Wake Forest

Therefore, the Wake Forest College Birthplace Society through this resolution wishes to recognize Edwin Graves Wilson on his birthday and to express our heartfelt appreciation for his unwavering support for the legacy of the miracle story of Wake Forest.


  1. I took several poetry classes from Dr. Wilson when I was at Wake Forest in the late ’70’s. He was by far my favorite professor! He even invited students in his poetry classes over for dinner at his home, and afterwards we would read poetry out loud. My life was truly enriched because of Dr. Wilson.

    1. Thank you for sharing this story. We consider Dr. Wilson the patron saint of our museum. His memories and insights are so valuable, and when he shares his stories about the Old Campus they always strengthen the bond between Wake Forest and Winston-Salem. You said it well… our lives are enriched, too.

  2. It was the summer of 1956 when Wake Forest “opened for business” in Winston-Salem with it’s first summer session. I enrolled for that session. The first professor I met was Dr. Ed Wilson when he showed up to teach the American Literature course that I was taking. He was energetic, animated, captivating. He was great. He is my favorite professor over my college career

    1. Very well said. Dr. Wilson remains all those wonderful things you described, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back to the museum for a special program with Professor Jenny Puckett at the April 23, 2016 Trek to the Old Campus. Please come and join us! It’s such a treat to hear him speak about his WFC memories!!!

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