History of the Grounds

7 James Royall on athletic field

The College’s four-acre “playing grounds” have undergone several changes over the years.

Following the Civil War members of the baseball team played their games in the southeast corner.

During World War I, student cadets drilled on the northern half.

After World War II, married veterans and their families lived in temporary barracks built on the site.

When the Calvin Jones house arrived in 1956, weeds were shoulder-high. Four significant alterations to the landscape were made by the Birthplace Society.

In the 1960s, hardwood trees were planted on the north side of the house.

In the 1970s, pine saplings were planted at the back of the lot.

The Ruth Snyder garden was completed in the late 1990s.

Finally, the reconstruction of the old well in 2001 and the planting of the well garden brought the landscape to its current state.

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